The philosophy of Happy-Donation

Many people all over the world no longer know how to make ends meet financially. That's why a small group of visionaries have created Happy-Donation to help. Happy-Donation is a humanitarian project that helps all people, regardless of their origin, to achieve a better standard of living.
Happy-Donation can do nothing against war, disease or environmental disasters, but everyone should have a warm meal and clean water to drink once a day.

Happy Donation has been designed to provide a targeted way for everyone to get more money. The focus is always on the human being. People help people!

Happy-Donation is structured in such a way that a start is possible for everyone with only 20 USD. This measure protects everyone from getting into Happy Donation with a lot of money.

  Through the humanitarian project we also have benefactors who are happy to cover the costs of destitute people and so everyone can participate in Happy-Donation. Happy-Donation is very different from all known systems and very effective. All funds are monitored on a fiduciary basis and the system supports the growth necessary for success through automation.

It is an opportunity of a special kind - an extraordinary programme.

  Anyone who accepts the invitation to participate in Happy-Donation will quickly discover the advantages Happy-Donation offers. Clarity, faith, trust are the cornerstones of society and also an important part of Happy-Donation.

Together for the sake of one another!

Welcome to the people who make up this community of Happy-Donation!